Welcome to Akbar International

Akbar International® offers it's customers the best of both worlds. We supply vast amounts of new and used equipment to the Health Care Industry and to the IT Community across the globe.We have over the years become more aware of the demand for used medical equipment. We realize that most of Health care industry is facing high costs in replacing items of medical equipment to comply with the current regulations. So, we have tried our best to obtain as much used medical equipment as possible to save Health Care industry millions.

As a contemporary business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay up to date with our company and our offers.At present, we are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers on new and used medical and IT equipments. We hope that you will continue to visit our site as new items will be added frequently.If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Also, we would welcome any feedback or suggestions from you on how to improve this site.. we will answer you as soon as possible.